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What Is The Best Punching Bag For You?

Punching bags are great exercise tools that offer you numerous health benefits from enhanced upper-body strength to elevated self-defense skills. They can be installed at a gym you own or from the simple comfort of your own home. If you have been thinking of investing in the best training bag, then this article will help you figure out which punching bag is best suitable for your health needs.

the best training bag


In terms of material, punching bags can either be leather or canvas and Polyurethane (PU).


The leather punching bags are a more common choice because of its durability. Its life span can extend over the years and will make your kicks and punches feel as natural as ever. They are also best for all-around training and will definitely make your investment worthwhile. The synthetic leather is also another punching bag material. Though it has a cheaper feel, it is still able to deliver.


PU or canvas punching bags are more affordable in comparison to leather bags. They can come unfilled and can either be free-standing or hanging. Durability is still a present component in this material, so if you want to practice endurance training at affordable prices, then this material will help you.


There are different types of punching bags. Listed below are some of them:


different types of the best training bags

1. Heavy Duty or Jumbo


As the common option for punching bags, heavy bags are ideal for strength training and muscle strength improvement. The increased weight and resistance of the bag will help build your muscle tone and strength over time. Its best characteristic, however, is that you can achieve this at manageable difficulty rates. They are also priced affordably and serve as great beginner bags.


2. Free Standing


Free standing punching bags are akin to heavy bags in terms of weight and size. Unlike heavy bags that are hung, free standing bags are affixed to a base support that can be filled with sand or a weight to ensure stability.


3. Uppercut


These bags are smaller because they are designed for combination punches. They are usually fixed to a wall and can be hard to reposition, so it is important to designate dedicated spaces for them. With these bags, you will be able to perfect the technique of combination punches for hours.


4. Speed Ball Bags


These speed bags are fashioned to help improve hand-eye coordination and can accommodate all experience levels. It is usually inflated and affixed to a wallboard but can also be freestanding. They function by quickly swiveling and bouncing back so that you can learn to react and practice footwork. The more air the bag has, the faster it operates.


5. Double Ended Bags


Double-ended bags are also filled with air and are small in size. They sit at waist levels and the bags are held together at both of their poles. They can help you improve coordination along with counterattacks.


best training bag

6. Maize Ball and Bags


Maize ball bags are small hanging punch bags that are used to develop your head movement and uppercuts. They are ideal for improving defensive moves and its small size allows it to fit into any space. They are also usually filled with fake granules so that its heavier weight can help your endurance.


Before purchasing a punching bag, it is helpful to identify the target areas you want to work and improve on. Different punching bags are ideal for different types of training depending on what you are looking for. It is also important to consider your financial capabilities before you invest in a punching bag. Nonetheless, punching bags are worthwhile investments that will help you achieve all of your health goals.